This site is your entry point for high quality continuing education on how to effectively navigate and apply the rapidly growing construct of integrative care. While our focus is on rehabilitation professions and settings, many other professionals may find this valuable.

Integrative Rehab Practice (IRP) represents a movement that is “rehabilitating rehabilitation”. The good news: you do not have to throw out everything you have learned! As you will see, “integrative” is about both/and, not either/or… and takes the best of our biomedical model and adds, deepens, and/or transforms how we approach the health and healing experiences of those we work with.

Lead faculty, Matt Erb, PT, is passionate about whole-person service and will skillfully guide you along this journey!

Learning about, experiencing, and applying the concepts found here will build capacity and context in both your professional and personal life. It will rekindle your passion for healing, support resilience in yourself, and provide those who come to you with an experience that runs deeper into the roots of what it means to be human…

So come along and join us on this journey… you will not be disappointed! In this intro video, you will meet Matt and get a sneak peek of the course:

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