Refund Policy

Individual Course Purchases

When a student signs-up for a class, and it’s parent, Embody Your Mind, LLC, charges their credit card at the time of signing up/registering for the class. Students may request a refund or credit, minus a processing fee of $20, within 24 hours of enrolling. If after 24 hours, and minus a processing fee of $50, students may request a refund or partial credit in certain circumstances, considered on a case by case basis, up until 14 days after the date of their class (refund request period). After this time, no refunds will be issued.

Requesting a Refund

To request a refund or a partial credit per these guidelines, please send an email to describing your situation and reason for the request; include your username and purchase confirmation number included in your receipt or email confirmation and the reason for your refund. Refunds may be sent/returned via credit card or by mail, at the sole discretion of Embody Your Mind, LLC.

The determination of a credit or refund will be based upon the guidelines described, including consideration of the extent of use/access of the course materials in the specified time frame, according to our sole discretion.  All determinations by and/or of the amount and terms of such refund or credit are final.

If your refund request is sent after the refund request period, you will no longer be able to receive a refund of the fees you have paid or a credit on future services.

Technical Difficulties

Difficulties with technology are common and occur due to a variety of reasons. We have chosen a high quality platform for delivery of online education and do not expect challenges. However, they do sometimes occur. If you are having technical difficulties on a consistent basis, please reach out and we will try to help you with a solution. If it cannot be resolved, consideration for a refund/partial refund will be explored.