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Online learning affords you a great deal of flexibility. Our courses are presented in a novel format that is engaging and that meets the needs of your busy life. You can proceed at your own pace…

With over 45 hours of high quality multi-media training in the comprehensive Foundations course, this is the best place to learn and deploy a foundation of integrative care, solidly rooted in the biopsychosocial model. We have long given lip-service to this need… and most professionals innately desire a transdisciplinary capacity in their work. Due to the academic need to establish the existing core material within each profession, which is often reduced from the whole, there is not ample time to dive into the topics that you will discover here.

Now is the time, enroll in the course here!

This course, if presented live, reflects over 6 full days of training with additional material provided for further self-study. This is the equivalent of a $1300+ investment in your continuing education, offered online at $999. And, for a limited time, we are having a launch party with an additional $400 off! At checkout, use code launch40 to get full access to the course for $599.

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What past participants have said about Matt’s unique teaching approach:

  • “Evidence-based with excellent knowledge of the subject.”
  • “Very well researched, applicable, and handouts are wonderful.”
  • “Great intro to mind-body concepts and ideas for treatment.”
  • “Very knowledgeable instructor and presents material well.” 
  • “This is the best course I have taken in several years. Lots of great ideas for working with chronic pain patients.”