Continuing Education Credits

The instructor of this course, Matt Erb, PT, teaches on these topics on an ongoing basis, at the graduate level, and including for CME approved programs, for PT Board and APTA approved/pre-approved programs (example, portions of this material were recently presented to the Arizona Physical Therapy Association state conference), and other academic settings and professional groups including PT, OT, nursing, physicians, and mental health professionals. The content is solidly rooted in the biopsychosocial model, transdisciplinary educational standards, and is supported by evidence-based and evidence-informed constructs and materials.

While this course is designed to meet the top categories for Continuing Education of numerous rehabilitation professionals, it is the responsibility of the learner to determine/pre-determine acceptance of the course by their licensing/education board if the learner plans to use the course to meet CE requirements as determined by their licensing board. Due to the number of states and professions, Embody Your Mind is not able to pre-approve the course content for this purpose. Detailed Course Objectives and References are available for board submission/review. If an organization contracts the course content for a larger number of professionals, Embody Your Mind will consider applying for pre-approval on a case-by-case basis.

To receive a Course Completion Certificate, it is necessary to complete all Core Lessons in their entirety. These Core Lessons include both lecture and lab/experiential learning. The learner must also complete all Module Quizzes at a minimum 80% pass rate, to receive the Course Completion Certificate. The Course Developer will work with any participant that has special learning needs, as well as will re-evaluate any Course Content or Quiz Questions that are called out as ineffective, dated, or inaccurate.