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Integrative healthcare, rooted in the biopsychosocial-spiritual model, is fancy language for whole-person care that considers complex body-mind-environment interactions in an integral way. Integrative healthcare is rapidly growing and is best seen as rooted in concepts that support the fundamental and shared human needs of safety, nurturance, and empowerment.

The journey ahead is rich and reflects a process of creativity and mutual learning. We are glad you are here!

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This site is your entry point for high quality continuing education on how to effectively navigate and apply the rapidly growing construct of integrative care. While our focus is on rehabilitation professions and settings, many other professionals may find this valuable.

Integrative Rehab Practice (IRP) represents a movement that is “rehabilitating rehabilitation”. The good news: you do not have to throw out everything you have learned! As you will see, “integrative” is about both/and, not either/or… and takes the best of our biomedical model and adds, deepens, and/or transforms how we approach the health and healing experiences of those we work with.

Lead faculty, Matt Erb, PT, is passionate about whole-person service and will skillfully guide you along this journey!

Learning about, experiencing, and applying the concepts found here will build capacity and context in both your professional and personal life. It will rekindle your passion for healing, support resilience in yourself, and provide those who come to you with an experience that runs deeper into the roots of what it means to be human…

So come along and join us on this journey… you will not be disappointed! In this intro video, you will meet Matt and get a sneak peek of the course:

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The Course

Come explore over 45 hours of novel material supported by a wide range of scientific disciplines; focused on developing a rich, person-centered care model that is capable of exploring and supporting numerous levels within each person’s experience.

There is a common misconception that “integrative” is mostly about CAM (complementary and alternative medicine modalities). While CAM therapies may be considered as part of an integrative practice when they are patient-chosen and evidence-based, they are not the primary focus of this course. Rather, the focus is on building capacity to work with a broader lens – rooted in the biopsychosocial-spiritual model, mind-body integration, neuroscience, and more.

The Foundations course is distributed across 16 modules. The course offers a novel presentation style that weaves didactic with experiential learning across each module. The material presented reflects an accessible version of the even more extensive content compiled in a forthcoming, clinically-oriented textbook, Integrative Rehabilitation Practice: The Foundations of Whole-Person Care for Health Professionals, released May 2021, order at any online bookstore. Note: we encourage considering supporting independent booksellers and bookshop.org is a good option.

Go here for an overview of the effort, as well as feedback form to help us improve on future efforts.

And now, BACK TO THE ONLINE COURSE! Come join the integrative-oriented rehabilitation practice movement!

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Course 1 Topics:

Module 1: Overview, History, Definitions & Applications of Integrative Medicine for Rehabilitation

Module 2: Mind-Body Medicine as Foundational to Integrative Rehab Practice

Module 3: Understanding Social Determinants of Health

Module 4: An Integrative Perspective: Pain Management

Module 5: Foundations of Psychologically-Integrated Practice (PIP)

Module 6: Building Context – Deepening PIP

Module 7: Deepening the Science: Support for Integrative Rehab Practice

Module 8: Supporting Subjectivity: From the Start

Module 9: Exploring Biofeedback

Module 10: Exploring Meditation as Medicine

Module 11: Exploring the Breath

Module 12: Exploring Sensation

Module 13: Exploring Movement

Module 14: Exploring Imagery

Module 15: Functional Cognitive Integration

Module 16: Introduction to Yoga Therapy


Click here to register for the course. All are welcome to join us in this process of ongoing and mutual learning…

Once completed, participants will be able to explore a Going Deeper course which builds upon these foundations. Access as a full course or as individual modules chosen to meet your needs, will be available, and specialty courses such as Integrative Headache Management and Integrative Rehab Practice in Mental Health Care are in development. Topics for the Course 2 modules include:

  • Exploring mindful eating and nutrition
  • Exploring drawing, writing and avenues of expression
  • Clinical considerations of polyvagal theory
  • Music, Sound, and Voice in Healing
  • Deepening therapeutic dialogue, mind-body awareness facilitation
  • Deepening functional neuroscience education and functional cognitive-behavioral skills and constructs
  • Rethinking manual therapy
  • Exploring spirituality – supporting purpose, meaning, and spiritual values
  • The Center for Mind-Body Medicine model – the power of the group
  • Integrative rehab in psychiatry and mental health
  • and more… courses will be developed based on your needs and feedback!


Invest in well-being – for yourself and those you serve!

Online learning affords you a great deal of flexibility. Our courses are presented in a novel format that is engaging and that meets the needs of your busy life. You can proceed at your own pace…

With over 40 hours of high quality multi-media training in the comprehensive Foundations course, this is the best place to learn and deploy a foundation of integrative care, solidly rooted in the biopsychosocial model. We have long given lip-service to this need… and most professionals innately desire a transdisciplinary capacity in their work. Due to the academic need to establish the existing core material within each profession, which is often reduced from the whole, there is not ample time to dive into the topics that you will discover here.

This course, if presented live, reflects over 5 days of live/in-person training with additional material provided for optional self-study. This is the equivalent of a $1000+ investment in your education, offered online at $999 $399.  Please email if you are in need of a lower registration fee, we will work with anyone interested to gain access. We proactively work to get anyone enrolled to match their budget/resources. We also have an 80% refund policy – if you are not satisfied, and offer us clear feedback on why the course did not work for your needs, we will refund your tuition within 4 months of starting the course.

If you are uncertain if this course is for you, you can register without purchasing it to get a sneak peek. If you would like to enroll at no cost and later contribute back based on realized value, we can support that (please email) and ask you to then consider a course donation within your budget to support our pro bono course enrollment and mentoring program (with an emphasis on supporting justice, equity, and diversity initiatives).

Now is the time, enroll in the course here! Enhance your skill set and ability to meet a wide-range of whole-person needs in the persons that come to you for support and healing. Since the pandemic, many rehab professionals are continuing to further develop and offer telehealth; the material learned in this course is ideally suited for telehealth sessions!

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For Continuing Education Credit information, go here.

What past participants have said about Matt’s unique teaching approach:

  • “Evidence-based with excellent knowledge of the subject.”
  • “Very well researched, applicable, and handouts are wonderful.”
  • “Great intro to mind-body concepts and ideas for treatment.”
  • “Very knowledgeable instructor and presents material well.” 
  • “This is the best course I have taken in several years. Lots of great ideas for working with chronic pain patients.”


Learn Together!

With the release of a comprehensive textbook on many of the topics included in this course, and the steady growth of biopsychosocial-spiritual practice models/efforts in general, we will be creating a network of mentors to choose from to support your needs to grow in this area and safely support others.

In advancing mind-body integrated and whole-person care models, including for example the role of physiotherapy in mental health, clinical mentoring and peer supervision models are vital. Both individual and group options are in development!

Go here for the contact list of currently available clinical mentors. Feel free to contact us via email for additional information and we will work together to explore your needs and identify appropriate resources.